App Crash

I created this topic because IF keeps crashing every time I am about to begin a flight on my Huawei Y7 prime. I have already done everything I was instructed to do on the FAQ thread. Please what do I do now?

Hi there, how much storage do you have available and what are your settings at? Do you have limit frame rate enabled?

When you say it crashes, is this occurring at the loading screen, during a flight, etc.

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Hello there
From my experience you should try re-installing the app that usually solves it. If that does not help report back :)

You might have to many background processes on your phone that is making infinite flight crash

So your phone is running to many processes in the background to run the large app. Try closing some things, clearing your device cache or use device maintnance in the setting to see whats up

Thanks for the solution it now works.

Which solution did the trick?

Re-installing the app

Okay thank you for responding. We hope you enjoy the update. Happy landings :)