App Crash.

OK I will do that right now

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Reinstalling, clearing cache, restarting device, and loading graphics settings usually help.

Okay let us know what happens after you’ve done that.

I updated it and infinite flight works fine now thanks for the help

hey this happens to me aswell

it crashes after 45mins of live flight

I’m experiencing the same with an iPad mini 3.
You literally need to avoid rushed airports.
If any event or more than 10 planes are at an airport, the game would crash.

@Sam_Neale @Skyline7707 - many good suggestions have been given previously in this topic.

Before pursuing, please make sure you’ve tried them all.

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I have
multiple times

First of all, what device do you have? What steps have you tried?

ok so iPad mini 2 IOS 12 Beta 2 and I tried all of the steps

When did you start to experience problems?

well 1 year but I have had 2 iPads in that time a 16GB and a 128GB (I have the 128B now) but both have crashing issues

I recommend you lower the graphics as much as possible and before each time you launch Infinite Flight;
Hold down the lock/power button, when you see “Slide to turn off” you hold down the home button until you’re returned to the home screen.

Older device models such as the Mini 2 will most likely struggle quite a bit… and I wouldn’t try to many longer flights on it.