App Crash.

I have boughten a live subscription about two weeks ago and I have not been able to fly for the last week the game just keeps crashing wtf do i do I lost my money

What device are you using?

I’m also experiencing downgraded performance but it doesn’t crash for me

I am using an iPad to play

Which version of IPad?

Adding to @DiamondGaming4 have you tried basic troubleshooting?

  • Restarting your Device and Clearing RAM before each flight

  • Lowering Graphics

  • Lowering screen brightness on long haul flights

  • Enabling “Low Power Mode” whilst on Long Haul Flights

Please let us know if you have done any of those steps listed above.


The mini 2 is what I am using

Please refer to this thread regarding the compatibility of Infinite Flight. Device Compatibility Thread - IFC Built List

I have legit done all of that already

When does the application normally crash?

When I try to spawn at an airport

The Ipad Mini 2 is supported, but it is suggested to lower Graphics as it is one of the older devices.

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What software are you running on your iPad?

Anywhere I go it does that

iOS 11.3 is what I am using

Make sure your device is updated to IOS 11.4 for the best IF Experience.

ohh I used to fly using the iPad Mini 2… it’s a very old device and it only has 1GB ram

What are your graphics settings?

Update to the latest software.

Also, make sure to clear the cache in settings after your done updating.