App crash

IF crashes always after a few minutes in Palm Springs Approach in PG. :)

Need more info, please see this post: :)


Have you tried putting adjusting your settings. High water graphics, Anti-Aliasing and max. planes shown combined with heavy traffic may cause lag leading to an app crash.

iPhone 6
iOS 9.2, so the lastest version
No jailbreak or anything like that.
The app only crashes in ‘Palm Springs Approach’. Never happened in other regions or ‘Approach Frequences’ before :)
Sure, I tested all these things :) @Panth

Has this happened more than once?

Yes, it happened 4 times :) After 3 times, I was in other approaches on PG, it happened nothing there, so I went back to Palm Springs Approach and it happened again 😊

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Hmmm… interesting. Have you tried a full device restart?

Sure, plus reboot :)

Right, im going to test this for myself.

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how long does it normally take?

Around 3 to 5 minutes.

Congratulations, you have successful discovered a bug. Happened to me after a bit.

IOS 9.1
Ipad Mini 2
Not JB or anything

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Could you maybe try it in San Clemente Approach too? Because it happened there too, so i rebooted the iPhone, but it happened again😒

Mmmmmmmmm weirded
@Tyler_Shelton we need a rescue

I just did a few minutes on approach and I did not receive a crash.
iOS 9.2
iPhone 5s

Have you thought of resetting memory hold power off until the slide to off comes up then hold home button till it goes back to that app or screen you were on before