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Hello everyone,

IF app has been crashing lately more than usual, I can rarely takeoff before the app crashing, and if I do takeoff I can rarely complete a flight before the app crashing. This also happens if I ATC.

I’m on the iPhone X, I tried reinstalling the app, I quit all other apps before I use IF and it still crashes. I know the app is not optimized for iPhone X, but it didn’t crash as much when I first got the phone.


Glitches with the iPhone X are known and being dealt with accordingly and will be fixed hopefully in the next update

Hang in there ;)


Hi there,

If you could, try and record (write down and video record) these incidents. Try different aircraft, servers and regions and then the Infinite Flight Team can work on replicating your issues to look for solutions to this matter.

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I know that there are a lot of issues with the iPhone X, and I have been expecting and experiencing those. I just think that the frequency of me experiencing a crash has skyrocketed, it’s different from before.

I will record when this happens again, today the app crashed in OMAA with a Boeing 787-10 and in JFK with an A330-300 both in Training server. It also crashed before I can even click the “Fly” button. I have a video of that but I’m not able to upload it.


The only issues I have heard about are related to the notch so I doubt your issues are normal. Have you also tried reducing your settings to see if the helps?

I have not tried that, but I don’t think it will help because it sometimes crashes before I even click Fly. I have been using the app for the last 2wks on high settings with only the occasional crashes, nothing major until the last 2 days.

Yeah it’s not likely going to change things, sorry I could not be of much help, good luck. Hopefully it’s resolved soon!

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Ok if you have been not experiencing any issues that frequently until now then maybe a delete and reinstall of IF would work. Same thing was happening on y, iPad it would keep crashing then the crashes got more frequent so I deleted and reinstalled IF and have not had a problem yet.

I tried doing that too, did not help 😞

Ok, don’t worry the IFC is here to help you through this.
Have you tried a factory reset of your device?
warning doing this will result in complete loss of data on the device backup all data and such on a computer then transfer back once done with the reset.

I will try this tonight and will let you know if it works.
Thanks for your suggestions!

Your welcome hope it works!