App crash

After the latest update the app is not responding once I select my choice such as online or solo the app keep loading without responding and sometimes app crashed

Just need an advice

Have you checked how many apps you have open in your multitasking menu?

If you have too many apps open then all your RAM will be used up and IF won’t have any left to use.

The following steps should help solve this issue

  • Restart your device regularly to keep the RAM fresh

  • Avoid spawning at very busy airports

  • Avoid running apps while using Infinite flight as mentioned by @pidge

If all the above fail try to reinstall the app.

Glad I could help

The simulator is just too new. Me included most of the people here experience crashes. Luckily, we have an amazing development team that will smooth these bugs out and it will be more amazing than it already is 😉.

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Mmmm what’s your device

Make sure your device meets this requirement or above it :

also you need to have a very strong internet connection, preferably using wifi connection for more stable internet…

the rest are just like what has been posted above by @Kiz and @pidge :)

As long as he has the latest update, his device should meet the minimum requirements.