App Crash

will try thanks heaps

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much appreciated thanks heaps

my apologies for posting in wrong forums

This always happenes on my iPad Pro 12.9, when going to acknowledge a request from the approach frequency (no other frequencies)

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This is your problem right.

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exactly what i was experiencing

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absolutely correct. thanks

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Yeah, that’s why I try to avoid any requests from the approach atc :|

think i’ll follow that advice. i’m gonna depart palm springs to KNUC now see how i go

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@Dovid_Bakkar the exact same thing happened to me twice!

enroute to knuc. 9 mins away. so far so good. haven’t requested app , only following. 🤞

happened again out of Knuc. got to 36k then requested following from san clamente. got the approval & upon acknowledging , just closed on me again…

Delete the background activities!

It’s fine. Not the end of the world.

let me know how that goes for u

Its been discussed before, its ATC blank character caused the apps crash once you press ACKNOWLEDGE.

What you can do is switch to other frequency and do any command, then back to the frequency you want, then continue.

But remember always check ATC log before you reply anything to prevent the apps crash.

Enjoy and Happy Landing~

This happened to me on TS1 from KSAN-KLAX and I asked for vectors and just crashed.

If you check atc log it’s empty message, don’t reply, just switch to other frequency and come back again until you get proper log:)

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No problem! Hope everything was fixed. :)