App Crash

Taking off @ palm springs , training server 1 live . flight plan is set to KNUC. climbing to above 31k feet. switch over to approach frequency. ask for flight following then get approval. then atc sends me another message i click to acknowledge then app exits . happened 3 times already

settings low
internet stable wifi 2.3mb
solution ?

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This should be in the #support category

Be sure to state what device you’re using, as well as the OS that it’s running. Is your device jailbroken by any chance? Have you tried restarting your device? If not, then restart it and see if the problem continues. If it does then try re-installing the app or adjust your settings. :)

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  • Try Force Stop (Restart) Infinite Flight.
  • If it doesn’t work, Try to set Planes count to low
  • If it also doesn’t work, Try to set your graphics to medium or low. And make sure you dont use Anti-Aliasing
  • If those solutions I mentioned above dont work, Try to avoid SoCal and other busy regions in TS1

One question, Have you tried to reproduce the issue on other regions ?

It just must be your device!

Me too. It does that ! I think it’s when the controller gives you GPS approach.

hi all sorry for the late reply.

device : mini 4
internet: wifi 2.5 mbs
settings: low ( will switch off anti alysie thing )
server : Southern california TS1

  • will restart & see if issue is fixed

  • anoying when 5 minutes into flight this happens

  • happened when asking for GPS approache rnway 24 @

  • headphone message from atc flashing orange , upon tapping the App closes it self.

  • will try all suggestions. thanks all


yep was exactly that

hope its not my device

sorry am i posting in wrong forums? hardly use this page unless i encounter problems

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will try thanks heaps

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much appreciated thanks heaps

my apologies for posting in wrong forums

This always happenes on my iPad Pro 12.9, when going to acknowledge a request from the approach frequency (no other frequencies)

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This is your problem right.

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exactly what i was experiencing

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absolutely correct. thanks

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Yeah, that’s why I try to avoid any requests from the approach atc :|

think i’ll follow that advice. i’m gonna depart palm springs to KNUC now see how i go

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