App Crash with Tower View


IF App crashed when trying to display Tower view inflight.

I was gong through all the various displays and when trying the Tower view it crashed.

I am not sure how to send any diagnostics in IF.

Thank you.

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Does this happen every time you switch to tower view?

Device details and confirm you’re running the 19.1 update bud?

Hi, make sure you device can support Infinite Flight and that you have enough storage on your personal device. Secondly if you have updated you might want to re-fresh the app or re-download it again to try and solve that problem.
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Luke 😉

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@Luke_L I’m not sure how any of that is really pertinent. This is a known issue for users that try switching to Tower view while miles away from the closest airport especially while at cruising altitudes.

Avoiding using the Tower camera view while departing the airport or arriving is the best option. Tower view isn’t bad for when you are getting ready to pushback and want to have a birds eye view of the airport or a big picture of what’s going on but once you start flying it’s not a good option.

@Kamaniya it’s likely that when you switched to the tower view during your flight, there was simply too much information for your device to process and the app was force closed by your device.


Thank you very much Levet. On hindsight, I shouldn’t have tried it. Lesson learnt.

Please close this issue. Thank you.

ok thanks,