App Crash whilst inputting altitude changes into flightplan


Whilst flying, I’ve opened up my flightplan, to set my altitude for VNAV at my TOD, as soon as I click set, the app crashes and my device returns to the home screen?

Any help or solution?


Hey Matt! What device are you running Infinite Flight on? This is a known issue on Androids and is being looked into.

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Hi @Matt93, are you using an android device?

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I’m using a Samsung S9+ yes Android.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. I’m sure they will fix this soon.

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Does it happen whilst on the ground or just when in air?

I guess there is no harm trying to edit it on the ground, but don’t be too frustrated if it crashes and you loose your flight plan. Sometimes it may work, sometimes it won’t 🤷

Currently the best solution is not to edit the altitudes on your flight plan, the staff and testers are working hard to get to the root of the issue and hopefully we can have a fix ready and shipped in the near future 😊

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OK, thanks both 🙂


I would recommend keeping an eye on the thread I linked in the posts above, that seems to be the one that’s updated with reports and progress, it might be useful to you.