App crash while taxiing to gate at ZSPD

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Eva 65

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Version Information

20.02.00 (473)

Device Information

iPad 5th Generation
iOS 14.0.1


While taxiing into gate @ ZSPD, turned off Engine 1 (Engine 2 was already off), hit parking brake, aircraft came to a stop, then before I was able to switch cameras and perform shutdown/open doors, etc. - app crashed.

Steps to reproduce

Launch IF
File flight plan from ZSNJ to ZSPD
Land at ZSPD
Taxi to gate, perform actions as stated above

Expected results

Taxi to gate, shutdown aircraft without issue, properly exit flight.

Actual results

App crashed

More Information

First time using beta, first time using 777F - notable that flight took a long time to load (90 seconds after aircraft was shown to be downloaded for a total of about 140 seconds) usual load time is no longer than 20 seconds, frame rate and audio were choppy on short final (frames dropping here and there, most likely due to number of aircraft?) audio making a crackling sound here and there. Sounds like memory issue perhaps, but once this was fixed in previous non-beta version 20.1, never the memory crash issue until now. I thought the app was going to crash on short final, but it did not - I thought this as it exhibited all the same symptoms as before 20.1 when it used to crash.

Replay file of flight from ZSNJ to Unknown (ZSPD)

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Same happened to me about 2 hours ago in the same airport. Overload of some sort? Dunno.

Shanghai is very busy right now so make sure your graphics settings are at a level that your device can handle.

Yeap… I went back to the airport for take off and it crashed right when I started rolling :(

Just did a flight at KLAX in the pattern and it was smooth as butter - with the 777-300, I think my issue was with the busy airport. The beta is great I must say - I hope the iOS memory issue isn’t sneaking up again… if so, I understand the frustration the devs must be facing - keep up the great work guys… love this sim!

Thanks for the report! For random crashes like this, it’s hard to track down as it could be a case of settings being set too high. I’ll close this for now but if you can find a solid way to reproduce this issue, please open another issue

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