App Crash while opening

Hey,so my App is crashing,just as I’m opening it,I tried A device re-start,but that too won’t work. Just as I click on the app,it gets me back to the home screen.☹️
Device- iPad mini 5, iPadOS 15.0.2

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Can a staff member perhaps confirm - I don’t think the devs have updated the app to the IOS 15 SDK, etc…that could be the reason.

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Yeah,it’s quite annoying,cause I can’t even open the app,and it’s FNF today…🙁🙁

Okay,I updated to iPadOS 15.1 now. And it still won’t work….😢

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This doesn’t cause crashes. Not sure why you’re so fixated by the iOS 15 SDK…



Unfortunately this can happen, for any app.
The only option in this case is to reinstall. Please do so in the following order:

  • Uninstall Infinite Flight from your device
  • Restart your device
  • Reinstall from App Store.
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Okay,I was refraining from uninstalling as I would lose all my replays…😢 but as there’s no other option,seems like I will have to re-install. I’ll try that and let you know…

you can try unloading the app in the setting
it won’t lost the data

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This MIGHT actually work. I haven’t thought of it or even tried it before :)

Good idea! Lemme try that

@GDS111006 @schyllberg that didn’t work…😭😭 the app is still crashing……

I’ll have to re-install only now,no other option…😢

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@Mayank_Pawar hope ur problem is solved after reinstalling


I thought it was…ok.

It has,but all my re-plays are gone now…😢

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