APP Crash while in flight

Device: iPad
Operating system:

I just finished an 11 hour and 15 minute flight from New Zealand to LAX and right after I landed and was taxing to the gate the app crashed and I lost all of my flight. Is there anyway to get the XP and stats I would have received?

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Your XP and flight time will still be counted regardless, up to the point your application crashed.

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But the flight doesn’t show up in my replays and it seems my stats are the same


Sorry to hear about the crash.
I checked your account and most of the stats were saved. Stats for the flight:

Will my landing count or because of the app crashing it wasn’t able to save that?

I was just flying from OTHH-KLAX in my A350 and and closed the app for about 5 seconds to check my job and when I clicked the app again it said installing and I lost it all with 4 hours left to go can anybody help fix it so it won’t happen again?

Unfortunately, you risk that happening by exiting the app.

According to Seb’s report, no, it unfortunately wasn’t saved.

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