App Crash while clearing cache

Every time I am mid-flight and when I clear my cache my game crashes is there a solution to that?

Are you having scenery issues to begin with?

Yes I do have scenery issues

You’re most likely running veeery low on storage, aren’t you?

I dont have low storage because I reinstalled my app before the flight I am in.

How much storage is available on your device? Cause the symptoms you’re describing sounds like it :)

Ok let me check ,but I am mid-flight now so would my flight end for checking the storage?

I assume your app had crashed. But you can check later.

Either way, less than 1GB available is bad. Less than 500MB is critical.

No its when ever I clear my Cache all the time to remove scenery my app crashes when I do it mid flight.

Yes, I understand that.
But the issue here is that even have to think of doing that. You shouldn’t have to.

The fact that you do though, and that the app is crashing when you do is indicating a storage related issue.

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I will see how much storage I have

I have 100MB remaining

If you have 100MB remaining that would be the issue. You would need to make more space available on your device.

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That would be root cause of all your issues. Time for some holiday cleaning it seems ;)

I normally delete and reinstall the app every week to clear out storage.

You should delete something else. You’ll keep running into this issue otherwise I’m afraid.

I cant really delete anything else since my other apps are mostly less than 100MB its really the amount of storage I have in total which is 16GB and 12 GB of it is taken up by the OS/ System related things

What’s the device? If it’s iOS that’s most likely an system update that is waiting to be installed as it shouldn’t take up that much space.

Is it an older device?

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