App Crash When Using Comms and Screen Flicker

Haven’t played IF in a while and decided to come back today to a bug that doesn’t allow me to do anything. My screen constantly flickers on and off when in flight and as soon as I open comms to make a call such as taxi to runway 05 my app crashes and the speaker makes a loud static sound. Any ideas. Device has plenty of storage and have restarted multiple times.

Device: IPad Air 5 M1 Chip
Operating system: IOS 17.1

Ok started to narrow down this issue. Only happens at PHLU no matter what. Other airports seem to be ok. Maybe a bug in the game there.

I just spawned at PHLU and it seems fine.

Could you create a screen recording, upload it to YouTube and post it here?

Could you also give more information about what exactly happens and how you can reproduce the issue?

hey I spawned into the airport and tried to do a atc command then my app immediately crashed but no sound

I got screen recording also the airport got a ground glitch and then it kept saying my account is being used by another device I can’t use infinite flight right now

edit 2: Ah!, a key point. I forgot to test @TheFlyingGuy1 's mention in the title “When Using Comms.” Spawing in on mutiplayer to test the comms, I get a consistent shutdown of the app when hitting the taxi button at PHLU (I assume other buttons would cause a similar result).

Hi, I tried this on solo and multiplayer.

On multiplayer of course, you can only spawn into the tarmac area. Spawing in I was ok, but taxing out toward the northeast runway end (as though setting up for a departure on 23), the aircraft consistently falls below the runway. Though I was able to turn around, take off, fly a circuit and land.

On solo, where you can spawn on the runway ends, IF consistently locks up into an unusable state when I spawn on the 23 departure end (I didn’t test the other end): I can’t fly, all the solo positioning options disappear, and I only get the “20 sec ago” button (which fails to do anything).

Also, hitting “short final” at any time similarly causes an unpredictable lock up at this airport.

Restarting the session fails to fix the deteriorated state.

Restarting the app however fixes it. Trying again to repeat the failure consistently causes the same result at this airport.

(edit: I went back and tried the 05 departure end and the runway goes invisible, except in external view, and hitting “short final” locks up the app similarly requiring a re-start of the app to restore functionality)

Screen recording. The screen flickers on every flight no matter where I am I noticed which is visible on the screen recording. Only at that airport however I noticed the app crashes every time as soon as comms are sent. All servers.


I am able to reproduce what you show (app crash upon hitting the taxi comm button etc.), except the flashing. And in addition, the stall warning indicator very briefly displays as I spawn in.

I mention this difference (app crash vs flashing) as you may possibly be describing compound problems (with possibly separate causes): the airport app crashing only at PHLU (which I confirm as consistently occurring, caused by more than one type of action), and your flashing everywhere (which I can’t reproduce).

Thanks for posting the screen recording.

Things seem to be floating at the airport, so there seems to be an elevation issue.
The editor in question has been pinged.
This will be fixed in a future update.

The app crashing when any ATC option is tapped has been found and will be looked at.

Thanks for the report! 🙂