App crash when trying to assign key/button as Engage/Disengage Autopilot on joystick/keyboard

Nvidia SHIELD Tablet K1
Android 7.0
IF version 17.4.6495.31094 (17.04.0)
(Thrustmaster HOTAS X)

As the title explains, when trying to set a button as Engage/Disengage Autopilot on my joystick or keyboard, the app crashes immediately. Happens every time, no matter which button I try to assign.
All other keys/buttons work perfectly fine.

  1. Open Infinite Flight on a device that is directly connected to a joystick (USB OTG, not using LF Connect)
  2. Go to Settings → Controls → Commands → Autopilot
  3. Select Engage/Disengage Autopilot
  4. Assign button/key
  5. App crashes immediately

Great job on the update, FDS!