App Crash When Selecting Brakes Mid Flight

Im on a flight from Singapore to New York and towards the end of the flight I look at the brakes and select low brakes, the game just quits itself and I wasted 17 hours of flying. Currently playing on an iPad 7th generation. Im telling people out there be careful not to put brakes on mid flight or press the brakes button because your application will quit.

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Might just be a coincidence with the game crashing. The game crashing is a known issue and the devs are looking into it.


I’m afraid that’s just an app crash. They are quite common and can be caused by anything. Very interesting tho!


You may want to move this to #support for more help




When reporting a bug, it’s best to give as much information. What aircraft were you flying, what settings, et cetera?

This sounds less like a reproducible brakes bug but a known issue with the app crashing.

Your device has 3GB of RAM, which needs to be as available as possible to Infinite Flight. Try restarting your device before longer flights to free this up. Also reduce graphics settings and turn off anti-aliasing. See what happens when you do this.



I had the same problem hapoen to me a couple days ago after 7 islands hops

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Your brilliant

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What device are you running?

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iPhone 13 pro max

That’s strange.

The issue with crashing has apparently affected devices mostly with 3GB of RAM or thereabouts; you have double this. Perhaps seven hops in that region was too much for the device.

Try restarting your device before you begin your hops, or even between every few hops—along with the basic troubleshoots on graphics and whatnot.

Will try that

Love this 😂