App crash when refreshing the status page on ATC

Controlling Approach and heading to the status page to check arrivals at my airport and when refreshing the page the app crashes. It may not take one try but pressing the refresh button multiple times then the app will crash.

Devices: Ipad 6th Gen / iPhone 8+ both running IOS 14.4
IF Version: Both on 20.3.4

I have tried to troubleshoot the issue with restarting the app and also device. I also have switched different frequencies. This does not work on Android as I have tried both on the S10 and S8 if you want maybe try with another android to see if occurs.

Steps to reproduce

  • Open up a frequency at an airport on a live server. Tower and Approach are what I have tried so far and it has worked on both.
  • Open the status page and click an airport with arrivals
  • Press the refresh icon at the top right-hand corner ( It may take a few tries but it does crash at in the end)

iPhone XR 14.4
IF 20.3.4


Already noted internally