App crash when in loading screen

Same here, 2015 Samsung Tab A 8.0

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Same it worked for me, changing my graphics to medium just fixed the issue


I did exactly the same and now I cannot spawn, crashing on loading srceen.
Samsung A8 2018
Android 9

Yes seems that changing your graphic settings in the main menu works to then fly.

Did this for both my IOS devices that had the crash issue and worked fin after that

Good day! I have re searched on this issue where i open infinite flight after open beta and the message saying Infinite flight has stopped or Infinite flight keeps stopping, i have also tried to search in infinite flight regarding my issue and non of them work i was planning on replying to the topic but its already clossed, my subscription is about to renew tomorrow and i just wanted to try the terminals if someone can please help me with this issue it would great, the version i am using is a 8.0.0 samsung j8 Please help, again the version is andriod 8.0.0 thank you, this happens when i spawn in San fransico.

Not sure why but set all graphics settings to medium actually works


Has anyone gotten a solution to this?

I’m having same problem with

Samsung s10e

Set all your graphics to medium in the home screen, it works for me

I tried it and it failed. I Uninstalled it 4 × and set everything on low. Same results.

Before you spawn in increase the graphic setting, not the texture quality, and you should be able to spawn in and then decrerase the settings prior to pushback

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Thanks everyone for letting us know about this issue. We are still working on a fix for this.

As a short term solution, please try launching your flight in “medium” or “high” rendering quality. You can turn this down in-flight if you want to.

We will have a fix for this soon.


update tried to leave the beta and when I come back its full

You can save the replays on your device as files and then upload them back to IF after fixing this problem.

Able to reproduce on

Samsung galaxy A40
Android 11
Version 21.1 (newest built)

Unable to reproduce on

Apple IPhone SE 2020
IOS 14.4.2
Version 21.1(931)

This makes me think that the VRAM (video ram) overloaded on the gpu, which means older or weaker devices will crash when loading a flight, however I am not 100% sure that this is true or not

Update: I’ve found an alternative solution, set all graphics to medium, it wasn’t the overloaded vram, it was something to do with the lowest graphics settings
Edit: it fixed the problem

Same for Samsung Tab S6
Android 11
21.1 (1476)

same, i have a 2015 samsung tab a 8.0 , android 7.1.1

Moderator, after get update to build 3. Its clear now… arent you @MKT ???

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Issue seems to have been fixed in recent beta build

Should you flag this and tell the mod it was fixed?