App crash when in loading screen

Version Information

You can find this in the About page of Infinite Flight. Example: 21.01 (1052)


Device Information

Example: iPad 8th Generation, iOS 14.2

ipad 6th gen, ios 14.4.2

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?



Describe issue here

Once chosen your aircraft and Gate press fly and in loading screen app crashes

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Select aircraft and spawn point
  • Press fly

Expected results

Describe the expected result

The expected result would be that the app would spawn into the airport selected instead of an app crash

Actual results

Describe what actually happened. Example: app crashed when pressing “Fly” in the main menu

App crashing on loading screen

More Information


What graphics settings are you using?

Graphics doesn’t seem to be an issue as I just loaded in with lowest graphics ans still a crash


the same for android

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What device and build?

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Yes I have this same issue

Redmi note 7 pro
Android 11
21.1 (1476)

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This doesnt seem to be happening on my S10 and IPhone 8+

S10 Android 11 and IF version 1476
Iphone 8+ ios 14.4.2 and IF version 931

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Not able to reproduce

21.1 (1476)
OnePlus 8T
Android 11

I had the same problem, then reinstalled the app and it worked perfectly.

Able To Reproduce
iPad 7,12 (As shown in-sim)
IF 21.1 (931)

(It also happens when trying to open any replay)

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Able to reproduce
iPad 6 (2018)
iPadOS 14.5
IF 21.1 (931)

(Also I can’t open any replay)

Able to repro, i already tried using different graphics settings, different aircrafts and no 3d airports and keep crashing in loading screen

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (MIUI 10.3.13) Android 9
21.01 (1476)

Unable to reproduce.

Version Information
21.1 (931)
iPhone 6s
iOS 13.3

Airplane Count: None/Very High
Rendering Quality: Medium
3D Objects: Medium
Rendering Resolution: Low
Texture Quality: Low
Anti-Aliasing: On
Frame Rate limit: 30fps

Able to reproduce

iPhone 6S
IOS 14.5
IF 21.1 (931)

Unable to reproduce anymore
Flights and replays load normally

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Able to Reproduce

Ipad Air 2
IOS 14.5
20.1 Beta Build (931)

All graphics settings on Low.

IPad 9.7”
IF 21.1 (931)
iOS 14.4

Able to reproduce
Edit: now on iOS 14.5

Able to Reproduce

Ipad Air 2
IOS 14.5

All graphics on Low