App crash when disconnected from WiFi

As a business owner and father to a one year old, my free time to play is a lot less than it used to be. Due to this, overnight flights became my go to. I used to take off around midnight to a destination about 9-12 hours away, wake up the next morning, throw the iPad in the car, get into work and finish landing about 2 hours later - coffee in hand. It was absolutely perfect. The iPad would lose connection during the drive over but the flight would keep going and I would simply connect to the work WiFi which would then make the game reconnect and my flight “live” again and allow me to reappear. I timed it so I would be no where near ATC and would make sure via Live Flight that there were no other aircraft around that I could accidentally reappear in or near.

I believe some updates ago this changed as I have not been able to do this anymore. The app will crash after about 15-20 minutes and it’ll give me the error message that IF is trying to reconnect. I have lost numerous hours for VA flights and numerous landings over all. I am hoping a developer can confirm that this indeed was something they added and what the possibilities are of making it like it used to be. Due to this I can hardly ever fly now even after just renewing for a year this month which is a real bummer.

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry to hear. Infinite Flight doesn’t really cope well with recurring disconnects/connects. Our online infrastructure is not designed to, to be honest.
With that being said, do i understand you correctly when you say you takeoff connected, the leave the house and therefor loose connection to your home WiFi. You then stay disconnected due to lack of WiFi until you reach the office where you are reconnected to a WiFi source?

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Yes! I used to be able to do it without a problem and could finish my flight. However, now it will give me the error message and boot me from my flight about 20 minutes of not having WiFi connection.

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Exactly what error message are you getting?

“Infinite Flight is experiencing issues connecting to the server. Check internet connection and try again. If this problem persists, please contact support.”

:Retry Button:

Is that happening mid flight, or are you being kicked out of the session first and then you see this on the main screen of the app?

It will just exit the flight completely and show me that screen on the main screen of the app. I’ve had this issue happen on my last 5 over-nighters that I attempted to land at work.

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