App crash when clearing for ILS at non-ILS approach

Hi, my App is crashing always when iam hitting ILS , whatever new or old, its just shutting down…
Ipad Air 2, IOS 9.2
What i tried to now:
Deleting App and reinstall
Hard reset
Full reset

Nothing seems to work, but its just happens on approach and ils clearance or responding to that…gps is fine

It happens when you are told to establish in the localizer or when approach switches you to tower?

It happens whatever iam doing, if somebody asks for ILS approach, and i try to respond, the app just close
I May clear this: Only when iam controlling atc, not as pilot

When you clear someone for the opposite approach it crashes…

Pilot: requesting runway 5R approach ILS

ATC: cleared GPS approach runway 5R

Game crash…

Is that what is happening?

Pilot: requesting runway 5R approach ILS
Touching the respond to Ils approach button, game crash
Clear ILS approach, game crash
Touching anything what has to do with ils, game crash,lol

Forget it, i found out why it happend.
This only happen on Airports that dont have ILS, just GPS.
If somebody asks for ILS and you try to hit it, the App will close…
Thanks for the help

Leave this open as a bug. It should not allow you to do this, it at least not crash the app.

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Ok, will doing this, and just highlight that its solved for me

Looks i cant take back the solution, maybe a Mod can

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It happen the same to me. Exactly the same

Well, now you know, dont hit ils on gps operated airports…annoying but it is like it is in the moment