App crash when at airport

The app crashed again just after touch down after a 6 hour flight (bit annoying) has happened a few times taxing as well. Anyone else had this ?

Maybe try lowering your graphics and airplane count

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Hi @Jamie_Pearce1 , sorry to hear you’re having crashing issues.

To allow us to help solve the issue, could you provide some more details such as the device, operating system, available storage and then also the aircraft and airport you experienced the crash at?




It’s an iPad (6th generation) so a few years old 😬
128GB with 77.92GB available.

The crash happened twice at Heathrow.
Once I touched down in 777-300,
And once taxing in 320-200

And once taxing to parking at Edinburgh in 320-200

Rendering quality - Medium

3D object density - Medium

Rendering resolution - Medium

Texture quality - Medium

Anti-aliasing - on

Frame rate limit - 30fps

Thanks again

Medium at the moment, still to high when busy do you think ?

try to disable anti aliasing, it takes a lot of power


Hey! I have the same iPad as you and my settings are about the same, but I have anti-aliasing off and 3D buildings at High, so maybe try turning anti-aliasing off, and let me know if it still crashes. @Jamie_Pearce1

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