App crash - Unknown aircraft

Hi guys. I’m getting a stupid amount of app crashes today. The devices in question are Oneplus One (Android 5.1) , Samsung Galaxy Note Pro (Android 5.1) and iPad Air (iOS 9.1). This seems to be linked to operating near “unknown” aircraft.

Please look into this…


It is probably the mods or beta testers flying around with the upcoming aircraft, don’t sweat it. It should be fixed soon anyway.


Yeah but if it’s disrupting peoples general usage, it’s probably worth sorting out.

It could just be me and a program I use on all devices conflicting, I’m totally open to that suggestion, but I post this in case others are having similar problems and it’s a slippery banana with unintended consequences.

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Confirmed, happened to me as well. There are a bunch of people flying around with them now and if anyone unknowingly approaches the ‘unknown’ aircraft the app crashes. @matt @DIsraelFDS

I’m not sure what happens if the unknown aircraft spawns near unsuspecting users at an airport. Would suck if their game crashed.

This is a confirmed issue with being near an A320. Testers with the A320 have been requested to limit usage of it on Live in order to prevent this issue.

Also, nice to see somebody else around here use a OnePlus One :)


I love my OPO. Thanks for the messages guys, I’ll joyride in Free flight for a bit, I’m happy for this to be closed / deleted.



Can you please confirm which region you was currently in ? @Stephen_Smith

Hi @Stephen_Smith,

I just added you to the diagnostics group, can you enter the diagnostics mode in the settings (when logged in), and try to team up with a tester here to see if you can reproduce the crash?
Diagnostics mode will send me detailed info about the crash.

We’ve got some logs but they don’t seem to be related to the A320 for some reason…



Not sure if this helps but it happened to me when I was close enough that I assume the app tried to render the aircraft.


If you like drop me a private message and we can sort something out regarding a repo in this cause .


Can you guys keep me posted? Thanks!

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Will drop you a message pm with thoughts and outcome @matt 👍🏼

I don’t get why you need to trial the aircraft in live anyway. Kinda seems everything ready but they are enjoying playing it maybe?

It’s a more complex model, useful to test under more “difficult” conditions (constant networking, rendering of other nearby models, etc.). Live weather also presents different scenarios to test in each time :)

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Of course. As long as you can turn the cabin lights on and off that’s a great move.

Also, is there anything in a Concorde rumour?

Nothing on that front nope :)

Can someone test it with me if possible?

I’ll prepare for being disappointed, as I’m not convinced.

But the A320 came out ages ago!

Lol this was in November last year.