App crash on starting

emphasized texthi I am playing this game when it tells touch to start and it crashes
pls help to fix this issue

(Note: I am using Acer Chromebook spin 311)

Infinite flight is supported only on mobile devices.

Umm I’m pretty sure it’s on computers as well but not sure. Never heard of it on a chrome book though

As far as i know Chrime OS is able to run Android Apps you just have to install the PlayStore on it. but if IF is still supported i don’t know about that.

Chromebooks are not currently supported. As of version 21.5, emulators are not supported. In the rare case where you are able to install it, you may find it to run poorly or crash intermittently.

There are currently no plans to reinstate support as IF is intended to be a purely mobile simulator.

They have never been supported.

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Hopeful that there’d be a day, but still we wait.

but it is on playstore

That is because the emulator is running Android which makes the play store think it is on a Android device which is why it is on the play store. Like said above Emulators were never supported and if you run into issues that IF staff cannot help you as again it is not supported.

I think it’s safer to play on your phone, iPad or tablet!

it is not an emulator and also it is an iPad and tablet