App Crash on final

Hi everyone, the past few flights i have done I haven’t been able to land/complete my flight as once im on final the app would just crash. Has anyone else had these issues? And yes i have cleared the cache, restarted my Ipad and uninstalled and re-installed the app and still have the same issues.
My device is Ipad ios16.1
Many Thanks

Which iPad and graphics settings, please? 🙂

Hi, my iPad is the 7th Generation one. my Graphic settings are all on high

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Try putting all your settings to low, and gradually put them up to medium, high, until it starts crashing. Then you can see what the limit of your device is :)

Reducing graphics should work, as your device is 3 years old at this point and may not be able to handle full graphics for long durations of time.

ah ok, thanks :)

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do you use In-flight Assistant? If you do, that API is terrific! However, it does crash my game more often when I run it. That was my problem, I haven’t used it in a few months and haven’t had a crash

I have the same ipad. It is definitely not going to run anything on high graphics. Medium will work sometimes but is still a bit stressful for it. Unfortunately, low graphics is really all it can handle consistently anymore.

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While I’m flying I do use (I think it’s infinite e flight assist) to get realistic safety demonstrations etc… maybe it’s that

Hello there. It is recommended that you put your graphics settings to medium as it is more suitable for your device. These are my recommended specifications for each iPad

iPad any year: medium

iPad bace model 1-4 no point 5-7 medium 7-10 high
iPad Air 1-3 low 4 medium 5 high
iPad Pro. All iPad Pros after 2018 should be able to go to high.

Please note battery life will shorten and will increase the need of charging
I will also recommend for anyone who is using their mobile data to switch it to low. As ATC communications takes up a lot of battery.

Safe flying!

I have experience with handling these issues. Please note I have worked at Apple for software development for 5 years now.

my old iPad runs most settings on high for older planes without any issues. Say the 737, md11, a320. however new ones like the 75, 777F, or the CSeries just have so many moving parts and cabins to render it tanks my graphics. but that realistic safety demos and such will not help, I love the app but like I said it makes it much more frequent, from almost never to at least every 2nd flight when using it.

The plane wouldn’t effect the performance substantially it would usually be the battery.

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