App Crash on Final

Hello all,

Infinite Flight app crashes at time when on final. I’ve made sure to lower graphic settings when on final in an attempt to verify if high graphic settings are to blame. However, I’ve had no luck. Just wondering if the age of my device is to blame or if it’s an unknown bug. Mind you, app has crashed on final at times were both was busy, and not busy (videlicet., regardless of traffic volume).

iPad Pro 12.9 (2017):
IF build 22.02


It’s a daily occurrence for me especially on a long haul. I got an iPad Air.


Indeed. Crashes at 1500ft often.

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For the start, try to restart your device.

If that doesn’t work, try this instruction below:

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Will try last resort and do a complete reset of the iPad. Hopefully that fixes the problem - thanks for the help!


App crashed on final into really busy KATL just yesterday evening. I run max settings along with three support (third party) apps in the background. I’d say my device is above average in its competency to handle everything I’ve thrown at it running the sim, it never crashes running IF. To say yesterday’s occurrence is rare is an understatement.

iPhone 11 Pro Max (2019)
IF Build 22.2

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Yea it’s seems the more traffic IF has a tough time staying stable trying to render all the planes even with having a good device. My game crashed frequently when coming into very very busy airports w/t ATC. They will have to fix that in coming updates :)


Had the same Problem at EDDF Approach, after a fresh device restart and a 1,5 hour flight.
iPad Air 2 15.3.1

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Welcome to the club, it’s been happening to me for 3 days and every day after an 8-hour flight, it all collapses.

Everything before 04/10/2022 I had never had any problems with it, could easily fly 64 hours without a break, but now it doesn’t work anymore…

Just happened again, same stats and conditions as before, on final into LFPG. sigh… This airport is on this day’s ATC schedule, so it was busy, not def. not as busy as the airport the last APP crash occurred at.

I’m guessing this is on 22.3, correct?

no, one build prior. These stats:

iPhone 11 Pro Max (2019)
IF Build 22.2 (now upgrading to 22.03)
On-WiFi/Bluetooth Enabled AirPods Pro
Low Power (Battery) Mode On
Auto Low Power (IF) ON
3rd Party Apps in Background:
Infinite Passengers

Researched this round these parts a while back, my phone’s rated capable of taking all these aforementioned whilst running the sim. Yet, this is twice now -in span of I’d say couple weeks- the app’s crashed on me.

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