App crash on final,

I was landing at SXM, very very good flight until all of a sudden my this stupid app crashed on final, which right after made me unmotivated to even fly. If this gets fixed let me know and I will try again but I can’t log that 4:20 flight time to UVAL now because this stupid game crashed


When you say that it crashed, you didn’t give me a lot of information.

  • Does it crash for just specific airport/aircraft?

  • Is it repitively crashing or just crashing at random times in general?

  • What have you tried to fix the problem?


It crashed once, but idk why there were a normal amount of people at the airport for when there’s busy traffic. It was unmormal because I landed there before in busier traffic and it didn’t crash so idk why it crashed this time

and after that I just gave up because I just accepted the fact that I wasted all that time for literally no reason. I’m not trying again because of it happens again I’ve done this the whole day for no reason I’ll try again when SXM is an event airport again

What device are you using, and what are your graphics settings? (Sometimes lowering your graphics settings a notch helps prevent app issues)

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The newest iPad I believe

Everything was also default basically I don’t usually mess with the settings

If you don’t want to fly then don’t fly. Simple as that. However if you do want to keep on flying try it again and see if it was a one time thing or not.


But this is the thing, I don’t wanna try it again just for it to crash and me waste 4 hours again I’m just gonna fly next Thursday and if it crashes again I’m gonna see if it’s just my device

Try lowering everything to medium quality and make a new flight. Maybe your device isn’t able to handle IF at the default (high) settings. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and have everything on medium.

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I have one of the newer (or newest) iPads so it should def be able to handle the game if my iphone SE also can, but I think it’s just the device because there are so many things wrong with my devices. I made this topic to 1. Let people know and 2. See if a dev or mod can see this topic and fix whatever it is when they figure it out

If people didn’t post about their issues, nobody would be made aware of them. Issues in games don’t get fixed by people not mentioning them. Smh

@InfiniteFlightNewark I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. I understand it can be frustrating to put effort and time into something and have it crash. I once drove to Leeds only to wake up and realise it had all been a terrible nightmare.

Jokes aside, even the newest iPads and such can have issues. I personally have a 2020 11" Pro and have only had it crash once or twice. Crashes are unpredictable and can be due to a number of reasons:

  • low ram or poor ram management

  • low device storage

  • throttling or power issues

  • your graphics may simply also just be too high. Sometimes dropping down to medium or lowering your aircraft count can work wonders.

I get that you don’t want to loose all of your flight time, but it might just be worth making sure that you have plenty of storage, no other apps open and give another flight ago. It could simply have been a one off occurrence. One of the solutions I’ve seen on previous topics is simply to reinstall the app, so if you don’t have a load of replays that might be worth ago.


I felt the same as the app always used to crash and I got frustrated and didn’t want to fly! When this happened I used to turn graphics down to medium and airplane count down to low or none when landing at busy airports. You could also turn 3D object density down to medium and rendering quality also down to medium. This only usually happens when landing at busy airports so you don’t need to do every time!

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I only have like 5-6 replays, i delete them and make sure my storage is good atleast once every 3-4 weeks

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I never said not to. I just said that I don’t see a reason why a support topic is created if there’s no issue. They said it only crashed once and there isn’t any repetitive crashing or glitches.

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There evidently is an issue, because the OP has created a topic reporting a random unexplained crash. Even if it’s one singular crash, the app isn’t meant to crash. Reporting crashes and investigating them is what allows us to develop and repair the app to prevent it from happening.
With all due respect, don’t try and contribute in #support topics if you aren’t actually going to help the OP. That’s what this category is for, and it’s what users expect to receive when they post in it. Not to be told there’s “no real reason to post about it”.


Ok update, my IF passengers app also crashed

This might have something to do with your storage. If you have multiple reply files and photos on your device, it can cause some lag and eventually crash like what happened to you. As an owner of a very bad Samsung Tab A, I only have 3 reply files (all are my favorite flights) and 10-15 photos/screenshots/videos. If this doesn’t work, I’m sorry I couldn’t help.

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I have like 4 pics 1 2 minute long video and 5-6 replays it isn’t that much


Hey @InfiniteFlightNewark , Here is one possibility, At SXM, there is a lot of aircraft there as i have seen on LiveFlightApp, It could be due to the amount of aircraft there, and next time maybe lower your aircraft count for congested airspace with events and Friday Night flights (FNF). Also what device are you using?

Cheers, ybtlaviation

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