App Crash on Final at EGLL

Device: Apple iPad 9.7"
Operating system: iOS 15.7

Hi guys, I wanted to report this crash in Infinite Flight. Last night I was approaching LHR on runway 27L, the tower told me to change runway and land on 09R. I added runway 09R approach to the flight plan and eliminated runway 27L approach. When I entered the Left Base pattern work, the game suddenly quit, and I returned to the iPad home screen causing me to miss a 5-hour flight with an A330-300. In graphics settings I had set everything to the maximum and display other aircraft or users I set to medium level. I have now changed the settings by putting everything on medium and low on other players / planes. I just wanted to report this fact to the developers. Hello thanks and good flight to all!!!


@Paolo_Veronesi this is happen to other user as myself when I try to land at London and there has been many reports of this happening I would reset the app or delete it and reinstall the app.

And I would set your Frame rates to 30fps and set everything to low


I have had the same issue but not just at Heathrow, I have done a bunch of testing and found that it has to do with how powerful the actual iPad is, Which iPad model do you have (E.G ipad 6th gen or iPad Air 5th gen). I found that cooling the iPad help. You could run a small fan in front of the iPad or if it still over heats or you have a case, you could place a ice pack on the iPad. I also recommend setting every graphics setting to the lowest.
Hope this helps


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