App crash on approach

I was flying from VABB to VOBL in a 757 in the generic livery. When I was 5 minutes from landing, the app started lagging, then froze and crashed. It has happened many times before.
I am using a 2016 iPad mini.

It happened to me yesterday when i was approaching OMDB… I’m using iPad Air 3rd generation… I can understand how frustrating is this

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yes…it is irritating

I hate to sound like a broken record but with these older devices (yes, 3-4 year old devices are sometimes considered old in the tech world) aircraft count, graphics settings, anti-aliasing and limit frame rate are crucial. As you approach an airport especially one that has other aircraft present, it demands resources so if you have these settings turned up too high, your device is going to struggle to handle everything.


@Levet My device (i think) doesn’t considered old… It’s an iPad Air 2019 with plenty of space… I haven’t had such issues before but happened to me yesterday which ruined my great 3-hours flight…

I understand and I agree that it is frustrating but with that being said, we have some proactive measures that we can do before we begin flights. Rebooting our device, ensuring we have a strong internet connection and freeing up some storage are some good habits to have to keep things running smoothly.

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@Crown.plane It’s basically impossible to pin-point the cause of the crash from just one instance of it (let alone how to troubleshoot it). A 2019 iPad should handle Infinite Flight with no issues. If the crashing continuously happens then it can be investigated, but a one-off is very difficult to work with.

@phoenix006 I know you’ve probably heard this, but a good first step to mitigate continuous crashes is to follow the tips and suggestions on this page:

Please try this out and report back if it doesn’t help.


@Maxim Yes! You’re right… It happened to me once in a while not continuous… I will repeat the same flight and see if it happens again… Thanks 🙏

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