App crash on approach

Did a 10hr flight from Frankfurt to Tokyo, luckily from engine start and takeoff from EDDF to overflying Russia and descending in Japan are uneventful. then 15mins before landing (on apporach), the flight sim crashes. and i havent landed yet.

My XP… gone.

Can you please provide what device you’re using?

Realme C2.

2GB RAM, 32 (i think) ROM. Before the flight, storage available is over 2GB

How often is the going on?
Is this your first crash in 20.1
Or has it happened many times?

Based on my experience, it crashed for more than 5 times.

but below 10 crashes

How often do you clear your Ram/restart iPhone?

actually i dont clear RAM often and I dont use an Iphone

Ok, time to go back to the 19.4

Back in 19.4 there was a crashing issue for IOS
On 20.1 there is now a crashing issue for phones like yours

Make sure you do everything here

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If all fails
PM schyllberg, he should be able to help more than us

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