App Crash on 22.4

So just got this new 22.4 update & there are a few bugs that needs some attention :

  1. When all ground services were stowed away, it still showed the bridge connected to the aircraft.

  2. Even when the bridge was stowed, the aircraft couldn’t pushback and displayed warnings to disconnect all ground services, even when there were none connected.

  3. Then, just after the take-off 12 minutes into the flight, the app crashed, screen froze, only sound was coming and eventually app restarted which resulted in me getting disconnected from the server. This has never happened before as my iPad is very new and powerful enough to run this simulator.

I hope this will help developers to know where the bugs are and make them act on things faster.
Happy flying :)

Device: iPad Air 4 (2020)
Operating system: iPad OS 15.5

P.S. I’m loving the new update, everything seems smooth and amazing except some few bugs here and there which is understandable considering a major update like this one.

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