App crash mid-flight

When I was about 7 hours into my flight from KLAX to EGLL on the expert server earlier today the infinite flight app crashed unexpectedly. This has never happened before as I have recently purchased a new iPad (8th gen), and the model that I am using is fairly new. I had come back to the game to see my progress on the map when the screen froze, then about 10 seconds later the game crashed. I had a quick read of the similar issues posted that are related to this but I had done all the required things like turning my graphics down, lowering my brightness etc. Is there a way that I can get those hours back onto my grade table or is this not possible?

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You shouldn’t close the app while you are flying

Like Maximillian mentioned above, can you please clarify if you were running Infinite Flight in the background when this incident occurred?

Infinite flight was the only app running, I had also swiped away all apps and powered my device off before starting.

Did you leave the app? If so, you could be disconnected. Check your settings and memory space; that could be a problem.

Oh I understand you better now, so you didn’t actually leave the app, you just stepped away from your device and came back to this issue. So, here’s the thing, you will get 10XP for every minute of the flight as long as you had a connection to the Servers. (Example: if you were 3 hours into the flight you would have received 1,800 XP)

Your session might have paused from a Push Notification. When your session paused for too long you were most likely disconnected and then the app crashed. If you would like to try this, you can adjust your Push Notifications as noted by Apple here:

I have my iPad Pro setup to not allow any notifications.

No, the app was running, I just stepped away and came back to it to make sure that it was making progress. I have a bit of storage free, but I will make sure that ill clear out anything that I don’t need like photos etc. Thank you for the help!

Yeah I’ll give this a try and see if it helps. I just finished a 7hr flight not too long ago and I didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary, so it must of been paused for too long yes. Thank you for your help! I appreciate it!

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