App Crash mid flight

Hello all.

It’s been a while, but I come here in a distraught tone curious why the app has closed with no valid reason. I had been flying for 12.5 hours with no true issues, and return for an hourly checkup and find that my screen has turned black. I’d like to list all necessary information to help whom it may concern.

  1. iPad 6 generation
  2. Restarted device before flight, had it charging with low brightness throughout the duration of the flight
  3. No such WiFi issues
  4. Three background apps, all for infinite flight use

And response to this concern would be helpful.



This is a known issue and is on it’s work best by staff.

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I had all setting low as well. Quite astonishing but accepting.

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Please note that it’s addressed in the pinned FAQ for the #support category that also says “Please read before posting!” :)

Please note that I’ve have failed to be active on this here forum and apologize for forgetting the simple. Still confused how other around me are still going strong and I forfeit the race.

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