App Crash/iPad air

I could have sworn there was a bug category but oh well.

My app crashed on my iPad Air running Infinite Flight v16.12.6183
IOS v10.2
Running max settings on everything.

Haven’t had an app Crash before, I was taxiing on the training server and like 3 planes just went through me. Shortly after the app just crashed. I can’t find a solid repro, seemed to be one time thing. Haven’t crashed since.

Shouldn’t this be in support?

App crashes happens sometimes, nothing to do about it other than close all apps, and try to turn down the setting in Infinite Flight.

I mean I don’t really need help. I’m just reporting a possible bug.

Support is for bug reports. :)

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Infinite Flight just crashes from time to time. What device are you using, and is it jail broken or does it have any unapproved apps installed?

But usually, a one-off crash like this is nothing to worry about.

The device is literally in the title lol. No. None of that stuff.

It’s weird because I didn’t have apps open, and I’ve never had just a random crash like this. Like it definitely shouldn’t just be crashing.

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Hmm. I used to have an iPad Air. It definitely not handle max aircraft count on live.

Mine never has had an issue before

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Then like I said earlier, it is probably just a one off. Happy flying. :)

Restart your device to keep it fresh and close all background apps. This will prevent future crashes. I have an iPad Air with iOS 10 and IF with the latest update and mine never crashed.

My iPad Air can handle max aircraft count

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First gen iPad Air has 1GB ram, and may crash if all settings are maxed out during Live flights. Lower “Show Airplane count Live” setting to medium for best performance.
iPad Air 2 has 2GB ram and is far less likely to crash even with all maximum settings enabled. However there’s no guarantee a crash won’t ever occur. If performance slips, lower the “Show Airplane Count Live” setting, and restart device power often.


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