App Crash in IOS 11.1.2 long flights

Dear Friends

App has become unreliable and unpredictible during flights over 4 hours or more.

For example speed meter went crazy during final approach todo Ksea airport after a 4 hour and more flight and app just shut down! Also It freezed Manu times during flights.

Also during long flights over 6 hours, i let the iPad working plugged to electricity but eventually app crashes before knowing.

I cant enjoy global because this problem. It is a pain!!! Also due to app Crashing i havent Been able to récord my flights.

Hey! Thanks for making a new topic today. This is a known bug within Infinite Flight. Thanks for the report. I provided you with a quoted solution. Happy flying!


Hi good evening Xavier!
in order for your app not to crash on long flights please:

•Set graphics to low
•Turn off “Anti Aliasing”
•Turn time to “Night”
•Put screen brightness to lowest possible setting
•Restart your device before doing a long flight
•Clear your RAM before conducting a flight by holding power button until slider pops up, then hold the home button and then RAM should be cleared.
•Turn on “Low Power”
•Set airplane count to “Low”
•Set “Hud-2”
•Turn off airport names, and airplane names and dots in settings.

I hope this solves your issue, have a great night and happy flying.
Warm regards,


Hi Chief305,

Tks for the reply i Will do so and ley you know.

Once again tks.