App Crash in 20.01.02 update

Hi Everyone,

First of, I want to say thank you to the IF team for continuously working to improve the app.

Unfortunately, I’m experiencing some issues with the app today. I just installed the new update 20.01.02 about 2 hours ago and immediately had 2 crashes while trying to complete an important flight with my VA today.

The first crash happened while plotting my FPL. Naturally, I did a reboot of my device (I’d done a reboot after the update as well). I spawned again and was able to file my FPL with no issues. Take off, climb and cruise no issues.

The second crash happened while descending at 9000ft into Munich. Just to add, there was very little traffic around me.

This was not happening to me on 20.01.01 before this update today. In fact, I even finished a 12hr flight yesterday with no crashes. However, my replay for that flight wasn’t loading. So I was excited that this update would resolve the replay issues. Sadly, I have a new issue with the crashes now.

Is this happening to anyone else and how can this be fixed?


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I don’t even know if I have gotten the update. Try to have planes shown in live mode to none. Anti aliasing off. Setting to low:)

What device are you on?
When it crashed, did you get any sort of message or did it just go back to the home screen?
Are you using any third party software?

I’m using a Redmi Note 8 Pro. It just went back to the home screen both times.

Yeah I use IF Assistant during my flights. Didn’t have any issues with that before today.

I would try again with the reboot and without any 3rd party apps. See if that makes a difference.

What are your graphics settings?

Yeah I will try that and inform.

My graphics settings are the same and were working fine with no crashes before today. After today’s update, they are still the same :

Rendering - High
Resolution - High
Texture Quality - High
Airplane count - Low
Anti-Aliasing - Off
Limit Frame Rate - On

I’m pleased to update I’ve completed another flight with no issues. No crash while updating the FPL with SIDs & STARs, during takeoff, climb to cruise, descending and Landing. The replay loaded with no issues as well. The only thing different I did was clear my cache.

I’ll do a few more flights and continue to monitor. Hopefully no further crashes 👌

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Glad to hear it.

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