App Crash every flight

to infinite development, please make sure to fix the app crash, because in a week it has happened many times, please provide a solution, I am an IPAD AIR 4 IOS 17.1.1 user



Sorry to hear about your crashes.
A great place to start is here:

There are several things that could be the cause of your crashes, so if you’re still experiencing issues after reviewing the documentation - please get back to us with additional information such as in which scenario it crashes, graphics settings etc.

Thank you!

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I have followed these steps but the app still crashes

Please provide the information requested for further assistance :)

On another note though - it only seems like you’ve had one crash the past week? And that was recently on a flight from YSSY. Are there any other crashes we’re missing here? Or are they different in any way?

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In a month there will definitely be several crashes, on each long haul or short haul, please give other tips

But you said it happened several times the past week? And now you’re also saying it’s happening each flight but you’ve made several successful ones the past month?

Just the other day you did a flight from ZBAA to EHAM that lasted almost 14hrs.
And a few days before that OMAA - WIII…

I’m not trying to be difficult here, not at all. But what you’re saying doesn’t match up with how your flights have been doing.


It just so happens that it can pass, but sometimes the application can crash, that’s why it happens

1)Clear cache
2) Set fps
3) change the settings of game

are u already try it? its work?

hello, i got app crash again, please give me a solution

Yes, clearing your scenery cache and reducing your graphic settings to medium or low will definitely make all the difference.

Just to add to some comments that others have made, it is also possible that your iPad is starting to be be up there in age. The 4th Generation iPad Air was released in 2020, so it is coming up on being 4 years old. The effective lifespan of an average Apple device is roughly 3-5 years. So you are within the margin of error in regards to your device being too old.

Due to this, I would recommend cranking down the graphics all the way down and setting the fps to 30, as well as setting the airplane count to low/none.

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As mentioned earlier and indirectly by others - follow the steps given in the performance guide linked earlier. That we do know you haven’t done given the questions you’ve asked earlier.


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