App crash even after hotfix

Ok. So I’ve heard a lot of issue about samsung devices…
I was playing infinite flight for long on redmi note 7 with snapdragon 660 processor. It never gave me this problem.
Recently just few days back got brand new redmi note 8 pro with very powerfull meditek helio g90t processor. Since then i’ve never been able to complete a single flight. The departure is good with all setting high and no problem.
But few hours into flight the app crashes. Initially i thought it was 20.1 issue which will be solved with hotfix. But the problem still persist.
Now I came to know that this g90t chipset uses the same gpu as samsung devices on which problem has been reported. Yes mali g76.
So is there any issue with This GPU…??

i was recording screen at the time of last crash, can forward to support staff in pm if needed.

Hey. This is known to the devs and they’re working on it! Please check out the topic below.

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