App Crash During Ultra Long Haul flights


I have been attempting to fly from New York to Singapore as SQ23 for the past few days, but whenever I try, the app crashes. Yesterday, the app crashed while I attempted to copy and paste a flight plan, and today it crashed while on approach to Singapore after an 18:45 flight. The app crashed while I was changing camera angles and lowering flaps if that helps.


Before discussing the issues that caused crashes, what device are you using and what operating system is it running?

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Iphone 11 and IOS 15.6.1

Were you running Infinite Flight with graphics settings set to anything higher than medium?

I was running all of the graphic settings on the highest setting. I find that it usually works fine on ultra long hauls.

While it works fine, it does increase the risk of crashes. Even though your device is highly capable, you are likely to be better of with your settings lowered so that your risk of crashes is mitigated.


How much more likely would it be, and why is it more likely? Does it have something to do with loading all the scenery? And if it was because the device would be running for such a long time, why would it crash at the beginning of a long haul flight while still parked?

I can’t say for certain how much more likely it will be, but lowering the detail would lower the demand on your device, therefore lowering the potential thermal output, as well as the RAM demand. Once you start reaching the upper limits of these demands, your device will terminate these applications as a form of protection.

This is precisely why your Infinite Flight might have been crashing and it’s happening consistently.

Bottom line, just because you could, doesn’t mean you should.


hello your device is good , but you have to remove reaply in infinite flight and deletes cache from settings in infinite flight after every trip

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