App Crash During Long Duration Flight

While flying for 5hrs 35 minutes over seattle region the app decided to crash. Unbeliable no xp no record time

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Is this meant to be a bug report?

Dont know what to say only thing am really piss. No xp no record time in my file. Almost 6hrs for nothing

Hey, it happens to all of us. One time I had flown around the perimeter of SoCal for 3 hours, app crashed on approach for Runway 27 at KSAN


yea there is a lot of bugs that have been “patched” such as the throttle one, which hasn’t been patched all the way. sorry to hear that bud

Please provide some more info.

What is your device?
What aircraft? High quality settings?

Try restarting your device. And what was said above. Include the device your using. Settings in game. Server?

Happens to all of us every now And then,…
Advice is when u intent to make a long flight,… Restart your device before you start so that IF can use the full capacity of memory,…

Your XP points are added while you fly every 5-10 mins so when ur app crashes you Will only " loose’ the time ,… Your XP are accrualed.