App Crash During Flights

Device: iPad Air 3
Operating system: iOS 15.5

The app crashed in both my last two flights. One crashed during approach, the other crashed during cruise. I tried almost everything I could including restart device before flight, clear cache, and lowered some graphics settings (Rendering Quality high, 3D Object Density medium, Rendering Resolution high, Texture Quality medium, Anti-Aliasing off). Are there any further solutions for this? Thanks in advance.

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I would turn Rendering Resolution and Rendering Quality down to Medium - see if that helps.

The Air 3 is 3 years old now at this point - so I think settings should be on Medium at most.

Just tried these settings. I don’t think I like it on medium Rendering Resolution, but I’ll try medium Rendering Quality for now see if that helps. Thank you.

You may not like it - but it may be the only way to prevent (or at least lessen the frequency of) the app crashing.

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Yeah I know, if only turn rendering quality to medium isn’t enough to improve the crash problem, I may consider lower rendering resolution then.

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