App crash during flight


I was flying a long distance from Eindhoven to Sint Maarten. After 5 hours en 30 minutes flying, the app crashed :(

I hope this issue will be fixed so soon as possible and hope it will not happening again during long flights.

Some information about my device

  • IPhone 6

  • IOS 11.2.1

  • The latest IF version

Thank you.

Did you have any other apps running in the background? Did your device have sufficient battery left? Did you send the crash report log to Infinite Flight? How much device storage was available as well.

No, there was one other app running, my device was recharging and have some storage left

Did you back out of the app at all? When conducting these flights be sure to keep your device’s memory free and clear your RAM before launching Infinite Flight.

What dou you mean with that?

Hold your power button down until “swipe to power off appears” instead of swiping just hold your home button then wait for your home screen to reappear and that will do the trick for you ;)

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Oke thank you. So that’s the solution?

I would recommend that you follow those recommendations and try to replicate that exact flight again. When issues are found and can be recreated and then the crash log is sent to the developers this helps them track things down. Be sure to reproduce the flight including the same aircraft, arrival and departure airports the same however this time you will be clearing your RAM. Now would be a good time to reset your router as well. Be sure to report back to this thread.

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Oke, thank you very much. I’ll flying tomorrow.

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