App crash ATC command

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Would anyone like a command in the broadcast message section that states “attention all aircraft, controller has expirzsnced an app crash please stand by.” This could be useful to controllers who get crashes so they can get back to where they where before the crash.

I see where your coming from but aircraft get notified when a controller gets offline or online so a broadcasted message going more into detail as to what happened may not be the best.


How would it know the app crashed vs. the controller simply finishing their session?

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I think it could be confusing, the controller only would be able to broadcast the message after the app crash, and why tell the aircraft to stand by then?

Another reason, as @infiniteflight_17 said, the interface is built for issuing ATC commands and things related to it, no need to add unnecessary reasons that potentially can clog the fequency

I would like to have a notice for ATC when a plane app crash as well
« N1AB has experienced an app crash »

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Usually ATC will send “… will close in 1 minute” or something like that. So if that does not happen you know something is up.

On the other hand, standing by on the runway is never a good idea.

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