App crash at cruising altitude

I’m on the new update and I’ve restarted my iPad and the app I’ve switched servers and WiFi AND MY APP KEEPs crashing what should I do
I have an iPad Air 2 it always crashes when I get to my crusing altitude

What is your IOS? And I do know my other iPad was doing this also an Air 2 and deleting and reinstalling helped. Have you tried that yet?


Delete Infinite Flight and redownload will solve it in most of the times. That will correct corrupt files!

Happy landings! (:

I’m doing that now thanks

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Of course! And if it helped click the little check box under my post.

@SPB2727_Skyteam did it work?

If you could provide us with at least a smidgen of substance to your issue, we might be able to help. Merely saying HELP NOTHING WORKS will not allow us to assist you, the bare minimum would require your device name and model.
Please bear in mind, older devices including iPads struggle to run IF and this is not helped if you have less than 1gb available storage, a large cache, low ram or a lot of blotware on your device.
Help us help you!

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