App Crash (Android)

After 15 days break, I subscribed to Infinite Flight and did a flight to San Francisco yesterday. But due to an app crash, I wasn’t able to complete my flight. Everything went well during the first 8 hours. The app was running smoothly. But later due to unavoidable reasons I left the app for fewer seconds and as soon as I opened another app for work I got a dialogue box saying ‘Infinite flight has stopped working’. I was given three options either to wait, close the app or report. I choose to wait but the dialogue box kept reappearing again and again. And as a result, I was forced to close the app. And this is not the first time I am encountered to such a problem. I got to experience the same thing on past flights which I did after 22.8 version update. Is there a solution to this problem?
Thank You

Device: Samsung Galaxy A51
Operating system: Android 13

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Did you leave the app every time this message popped up?

No, it was for the first time, it occurred. In other flights, when i am in flight this dialog box appears and app crashes.

Alright, leaving the app mid-flight isn’t a good idea in any case since Infinite Flight isn’t designed to run in the background.

Deleting and redownloading the app might fix the problem as it has done for others. Keep in mind deleting the app will also delete replays, so back up any that you want to keep.

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