App Crash and Lag 19.4/19.4/2 Hotfix

So recently after the 19.4.2 Hotfix my game has been having some lagging issues and still crashes my flight which I cannot complete still. My ipad is the Ipad 10.2 with 32gb of ram and I have used about 14gb only because IF is the only app I have installed. And before the hotfix everything was running so smoothly. I have tried lowering graphics and everything nothing seems to work!

RAM is not the same as storage.

Have you tried the steps given in the FAQ?


Try reinstalling the application
If still does not work. Contact IF support.

I’m already here…


@schyllberg I reinstalled the application and Im going to try another long haul to see if it still going on.

Yes I have tried everything. The game was fine before the hotfix even with the 19.4 it did not crash or lag or anything

Which graphics settings are you running with?

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So I was doing all max and thought it was the problem but I tried everything from minimum graphics to low power mode and nothing

This is part of the ios13.3 update right that bug that leaks memory?

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