App crash AGAIN

Once again my game crashed after 10 hours of uneventful cruise . Flying from KBOS to RJAA on the 789 as Japan Air 7 on ES .Graphics are low , medium , low , medium . Aircraft count on none . I always restart my device before each flight and clear scenery cache . Whilst on cruise I point my cam to the chair so it doesn’t need to constantly generate new scenery . I have no background apps open . I am aware that there are a lot of topics of the same type ( I did one just 10days ago for the same reason ) but pls help . I had no crashes for a year and all of a sudden I had 3 in 15 days . Thanks again , @IFlyer

Device: IPhone 8
Operating system: IOS 15.2.1


Sorry to hear that.
Maybe @schyllberg can have a look at the crash report(s)?


I’m having the same issue @IFlyer
Just now another app crash.
Far too many this week already and are getting extreme fatigue over this!


Which device and graphics settings are you using?

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Device: iPad 8th generation (2020)
Settings: Airplane count: Low
Rendering Quality: Medium
3D Inject Density: Low
Rendering Resolution: Medium
Texture Quality: High

The replays file sometimes get corrupted & unplayable in app crashes
Often ATC messages doesn’t make any sense appeared that’s not visible during live flight but shows in replays:
Discontinuity detected, app was deactivated/disconnected for 18606394327 seconds & does this repeatedly with different random seconds figures.
At different times.

Thanks for the information.

What does this mean though?
You don’t get ATC messages during the flight?
They should be both visible and audible.
Aren’t they?

The discontinuity messages mean that something caused the app to be disconnected.
Maybe Wi-Fi got interrupted?

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I mean specifically messages that appeared in grey: Discontinuity detected app was deactivated/disconnected for a random number of secs.
I did suspect it might have to do with the WiFi that tend to flicker at times.
Do you have the same issue @IFlyer

That could be, and probably is, the real issue.
IF, and all its systems, needs a stable connection to be able to work as intended.

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Yeah same I received the same message

Although @tjb0709 my wifi had no problem I am sure of that

Well something is interrupting the connection.
Otherwise that messages wouldn’t be generated.

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Sorry to hear about the issues you’re having.
Unfortunately, I’m not seeing any crash logs on your account the past 14 days and when I’m looking at your flight logs, it somewhat supports that since all the flights you have made except for this final one are “complete” with a destination and a landing count on them. So I’m slightly puzzled about the 3 crashes in 15 days you mentioned?

I had a crash whilst controlling KJFK and if you descend right below the Egyptair 661 you will see that my Egyptair A333 flight that was supposed to go to JNB has no destination due to app crash

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