App Crash After Landing at destination airport

The app crashed just after I was given clearance to taxi to parking. Logbook and replay shows that I flew to unknown. I wonder if the XP will be credited.

Yes. As far as I know XP is automatically updated throughout the flight. Hope this helps! (;

Okay thanks pal.

I still don’t get why the destination airport was not registered

It happens to all. But don’t worry, you’re stats will count. If you do continuous logbook, you’ll know anyway where you landed at last time.

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Were you screen recording, or having any other apps and such open (specifically ones that connect to Infinite Flight)?
If so it could be the amount of ram your device has filling up. On iOS/iPadOS, the app is terminated if it takes to much ram.
If it is connecting to an external app, it may be an error with receiving clearance that’s causing the external app to freak out and cause IF to crash.

That’s my take on what could’ve happened.
Also try clearing the scenery cache.

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