App crash after comms

Hey guys,

So I’ve experienced this twice already.

After touching the headphone button to see if I was within reach for ATIS, the screen kinda spasmed out and it minimized the game.

I thought it crashed but then when i clicked on IF, the game was in the pause screen but i couldn’t touch anything.

It was like tapping around on a blank screen.
No buttons responded. Not resume, not end flight, not setting - nothing.

Android, Samsung A52.
Most recent ops system.

Operating system:

Is this perhaps same as this? Maybe even same airport?

Hey there,

Thabks for your reply.
The issue with mine is, that the comms screen will take the whole screen and not just a part of it.
And then i cant minimize the screen again, the whole game will just exit.

But when i get back in, the flight is still going but in the pause screen and no buttons will respond to my command.

This was enroute to EKCH and is the second time this had happened (only IFATC presence, as far as i know).
First time this happened was at another airport. I cant remember which one but was also trying to check the ATIS

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Is it the same as this:

When was the last time you had this issue?

Ah yes, looks similar but i didnt try sending a message.
I just clicked to “no frequency” and the whole app closed (but didnt quit the flight)

About an hour ago or so. :)

I see.

If you’re able to reproduce this issue, or if you know of anything specific that contributes to this issue occurring, please let us know.

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Will do. Thanks for your time :)

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Hi, could I ask what was your starting airport? Also, did you use comms on that flight prior to checking ATIS that resulted in the app crash? And do you know your approximate location at the time of the crash relative to EKCH?

Good morning,

It was flight LPPT - EKCH.
I did use uni at LPPT and it was fine.

I’d say i was about 100 miles from the airport and started my descent.

I could check the replay but I’m on my approach into LSZH at the moment - let’s see how that goes

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Ok thank you. It’s a bit of a long shot, but I wanted to check a hunch based on a related topic. I’ll report if I find anything.

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I just flew into LSZH and all of that was fine. I did check into Radar first though. Not sure if that matters or not.

Checked ATIS after radar went offline.

It was all fine

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We’ve been able to reproduce this issue.
It seems to have to do with the app window changing size/ratio for some reason.

Devs are on it. 🙂


Awesome job :)
This makes me so happy for some reason.

Thanks for all your effort and help.

Keep me updated - curious to see what the cause of issue was/is

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So it happened to me again and is happening to me literally right now into HAAB.

It does go away when you click on on a response.

I just feel bad for ATC as I send some “thank you” messages randomly.

This could happen a bit more. Maybe IFATC should get briefed on this?

Until this issue is fixed, it will keep happening.
Luckily only a few people seem to be experiencing this issue.
Just send “I’m sorry.” and you should be fine.

Have you tried changing Screen Zoom, to see if that makes a difference?
See Settings → Display → Screen Zoom.
No idea if it will help, but it couldn’t hurt trying.
Just looking for a workaround.

In the test cases I’ve found, rotating the screen while in popup view also made the ATC menu go back to normal.
I’m not entirely sure what options the A52 has though.


Happy to report this issue has been fixed in beta, so hopefully the fix will be available soon in a future official release.

I found the easiest way to recreate this issue: simply turn your device enough to cause a screen rotation with the radio screen enabled. Avoid doing that at any cost unless you’re specifically looking to recreate it.

I’m aware devs are aware of it, and I’m aware it probably doesn’t help with solving it, but hey, at least you know one thing to never ever do while flying.

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